Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An amazing grace is found

“Grace Lost and Found” by Peter Grahame of ironic-horse.com

With the old abused ideas of
sacrifice and suffering, real grace is lost.

Divine Love says there is an amazing grace found in nature.
A constant resurrection, an ever new spirit.
-- Peter Grahame

A note from Kittredge Cherry on why I chose these images: I do not see these photos as a rejection of Christ, even though the man turns away from the cross in the first photo. For me these pictures illustrate the spiritual journey that begins with observing the cross and leads to becoming one with Christ. After looking at a dead and deadening wooden cross, the seeker receives new life through union the tree/cross/Christ. Such is grace.

Peter describes the old ideas as “abused,” not “abusive.” Thus the idea of sacrifice is not inherently abusive, but the concept itself has been abused by unscrupulous religious leaders.
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This photo and text come from “Contemplations of the Heart: A Book of Male Spirit” by Peter Grahame, a gay photographer and writer living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The 96-page hardcover book features transformational, spirit-centered male nude images, plus brief poetic text to go with each image.  Full disclosure: these are nudes who bare all -- the images on this blog are cropped for a general audience.

We are posting art by Peter Grahame every Tuesday in June as part of our celebration of GLBT Pride Month.  Click here for the Peter Grahame series.


Trudie said...

My friend Marion and I are scheduled to visit Peter's studio this coming Sunday morning. I especially liked your choice of post this time, Kitt.

KittKatt said...

I’m looking forward to your report on the visit to Peter Grahame’s studio. What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday morning!