Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We Shall Heal Ourselves

“We Shall Heal Ourselves” by Peter Grahame of ironic-horse.com

Yes, we can heal ourselves.
And real healing can take place
if we will fully and completely
open our hearts to each other.
Imagine what the earth would be like...
-- Peter Grahame

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This photo and text come from “Contemplations of the Heart: A Book of Male Spirit” by Peter Grahame, a gay photographer and writer living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The 96-page hardcover book features transformational, spirit-centered male nude images, plus brief poetic text to go with each image.  Full disclosure: these are nudes who bare all -- the images on this blog are cropped for a general audience.

“The book is about self image, and its intention is to help alleviate self hatred and internalized homophobia,” Peter says. “The images are sensuous but not overly erotic and present guys of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages (all over 18.).”

We are posting art by Peter Grahame every Tuesday in June as part of our celebration of GLBT Pride Month.  Click here for the Peter Grahame series.


Trudie said...

This is truly a Spirit-inspired post from Peter's wonderful book to follow yesterday's post on the oil spill!

Kittredge Cherry said...

Yes, I felt a moment of awe at the movement of the Spirit over the timing of this post. You see, I planned the Peter Grahame series in advance, before I decided to write about the oil spill. I was feeling sick from seeing that oil-soaked pelican every time I looked at my blog, and then my heart lifted when I saw Peter’s “We Shall Heal Ourselves” that I had picked in advance.

I also planned the previous post in advance -- with the stained glass window of the descending dove as Holy Spirit. When I saw them side by side on Facebook I was amazed -- the pelican Christ and the Holy Spirit dove together as birds embodying God!