Friday, September 09, 2016

Funds needed now for annual newsletter fee

I need $420 by to pay the annual fee for the Jesus in Love Newsletter on LGBTQ Spirituality and the Arts.

Your gift of $35 pays for everybody to get the newsletter for one month. Gifts of any size are welcome.

Please give now by clicking the “GoFundMe” button below or visiting my GoFundMe page. The $510 goal includes $90 to buy software for a blog upgrade.

The Jesus in Love Newsletter covers LGBTQ spirituality and the arts for more than 1,250 subscribers -- an increase of about 150 from a year ago.

Readers call it inspiring, empowering, courageous, “always informative” and “always fabulous.” The newsletter has successfully brought the good news of LGBTQ spirituality and art to the world since 2007.

And Jesus in Love makes a big impact on each person. Listen to the voices of readers:

“One of the most positive messages for queer Christianity out there!”
— Maria Evans

“Very well written, well researched and always wonder-filled.”
— Brother Mark D’Alessio

“Jesus in Love brings me hope every month. Keep this fire burning for our LGBTQI community!”
— Christopher Portellli

“A blog that never fails to uplift, amaze and stretch even the most tired and jaded minds.”
— Dignity Houston

“I cannot tell you enough how much this blog means to me as a queer Christo-Pagan.”
— anonymous

“Unique among all the rest of religious lgbtq blogs. I consider you and Jesus in Love as a valuable resource to our community. The quality is rare these days.”
— Stephen Schmidt, editor, Impact Magazine

Jesus in Love promotes artistic and religious freedom and teaches love for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

I am passionately committed to Jesus in Love because it grew out of my own personal journey as a lesbian Christian. Jesus in Love is my individual project, so your gifts to Kittredge Cherry for Jesus in Love are not tax deductible. Thank you!

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