Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I’m creating this blog because I want an interactive place to discuss LGBT spirituality. That’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender spirituality.

Visitors to my website, JesusInLove.org, keep sending me emails full of theological insights and true-life stories. I hope that this blog will allow many more people enter into these ongoing conversations about God.

As I write this, we’re still trying to get the graphics right on this blog. Be patient if something looks weird. We’re working on it.

My guiding principles for this blog:

1. Stick to the subject: queer spirituality.

2. Post consistently at least once or twice a week (after the official launch).

3. Honor Jesus.

4. I know there’s something else…

As I prepared to launch the Jesus in Love blog, the guiding principles of many other groups flickered through my mind:

The Girl Scout pledge: “I promise to do my best to help other people…” Yeah, yeah, yeah. Too obvious.

A marketing guru’s take on how to make it in Hollywood: “For an entertainment property to be successful over the long term, we believe it has to consistently deliver a fantasy to the core audience.” I must have lived in L.A. too long , because this actually makes sense to me.

The Three Rules of Kayaking: “Be prepared. Stuff happens. Bring beer.” Right—except I don’t like beer. I’ll bring a sense of humor instead.

Guiding principle #4. Have fun.

What might Jesus say?

Let there be Light!