Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I’m creating this blog because I want an interactive place to discuss LGBT spirituality. That’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender spirituality.

Visitors to my website, JesusInLove.org, keep sending me emails full of theological insights and true-life stories. I hope that this blog will allow many more people enter into these ongoing conversations about God.

As I write this, we’re still trying to get the graphics right on this blog. Be patient if something looks weird. We’re working on it.

My guiding principles for this blog:

1. Stick to the subject: queer spirituality.

2. Post consistently at least once or twice a week (after the official launch).

3. Honor Jesus.

4. I know there’s something else…

As I prepared to launch the Jesus in Love blog, the guiding principles of many other groups flickered through my mind:

The Girl Scout pledge: “I promise to do my best to help other people…” Yeah, yeah, yeah. Too obvious.

A marketing guru’s take on how to make it in Hollywood: “For an entertainment property to be successful over the long term, we believe it has to consistently deliver a fantasy to the core audience.” I must have lived in L.A. too long , because this actually makes sense to me.

The Three Rules of Kayaking: “Be prepared. Stuff happens. Bring beer.” Right—except I don’t like beer. I’ll bring a sense of humor instead.

Guiding principle #4. Have fun.

What might Jesus say?

Let there be Light!


Yewtree said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Kitt! Glad you decided to get a blog, I have linked to it from my blogs.

I'm looking forward to reading your stuff.

When is the next book coming out?

Kittredge Cherry said...

At the Cross, the sequel to my novel Jesus in Love, is set to come out in spring 2008. It will be released in time for Easter, which is most appropriate because it includes the Passion and resurrection stories.

Thanks for visiting, Yvonne! I've put a link back to one of your blogs, too.

Anonymous said...

While searching the net, I happened upon this site. As a pioneer for GLBT community and each individual's birth right to a divine relationship with God, It is wonderful to see your arena available to people finding their path. If anyone is interested in another great blog, try claim creations...pretty progressive vibe.
Happy Holidays all!God bless.