Saturday, June 21, 2008

More gays are coming out in Poland

A Polish translation of my coming-out guide will hit the market soon as Poland’s first coming-out guide for gay men and lesbians.

Helion Press, a major publisher in Poland, has just finished the cover design (above) for the Polish edition of Hide and Speak: A Coming Out Guide. For more info in Polish, click here.

The book ties in with a surge in Polish GLBT pride, which was covered in an in-depth TV report recently. “In the Life,” the queer newsmagazine from PBS, reported how more Polish people are coming out, despite opposition from conservatives. Warsaw plans to host EuroPride in 2010. Much of the report focused on the coming-out journey of Poland’s gay radio journalist Jakub Janiszewski.

Click here for a clip from the show. (Go down to "Coming out in Poland" and click on "watch segment")

I’m delighted to introduce the power of coming out to Poland’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (glbt) people. Hide and Speak offers a powerful program of self-acceptance and appropriate disclosure for queer people -- and anyone else with a story to tell. Each chapter includes real-life examples and tested, highly effective exercises that I used in coming-out workshops nationwide. The book tells positive ways to come out to yourself, create a circle of supporters and deal with family, job and school.

Originally published in 1991, Hide and Speak was updated and released in English by AndroGyne Press, a new queer studies press based in Berkeley, CA. The title of the Polish version is “Coming out” Co ukrywać, a o czym mówić.
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