Thursday, April 09, 2009

Debate rages over gay Holy Week series

Here’s a quick interruption to this Holy Week series to say that this very series is being debated at under a post titled, “Lesbian Author Re-writes The Crucifixion -- Makes Jesus Gay.” There are 38 comments, many denouncing the idea that Jesus might be gay as “blasphemy.” Here we go again -- crucifixion time. The main post by gay writer Steve W. is actually quite well reasoned. Here are some highlights:
“Does adding a gay love affair to the story of the life of Jesus make me feel more included in the story? No it doesn't. However, do I think it is wrong to retell these accounts in different contexts, even in a queer context? Again, no. The bible is a wonderfully elastic source, and it exists in a state of flux. It changes as we change and reveals new truths as old ones fade like flowers of the previous Spring. I do not think for a second that Kittredge Cherry is proposing that Jesus was gay in Jesus in Love: At the Cross, but rather is recasting the son of god in that light to give a deeper means of identification for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Christians, just as some have hinted at a relationship between he and Mary Magdalene. In a time of advancing gay civil rights, I do think, however, that this might stoke the fires of controversy in a way that hinders more than it helps.”
However, many of his readers left judgmental comments condemning me and the possibility of Jesus feeling attracted to men. Click on the following link to read the post and comments at -- and perhaps add your own comments. Here’s the link:


Anonymous said...

Good on you, Kitt. I always get nervous when how I follow Jesus isn't getting me into a little trouble now and then.

Trudie said...

I can't believe that most of the people who make those absurd claims have actually READ the "Jesus in Love" novels, because of course if they had, they'd know how very mistaken their interpretations are. Oh, well -- as Jesus said, "Those who have ears, let them hear!" Or as is stated this week in the Passover rituals, "Pharoah hardened his heart!" There are so many hardened hearts out there.

Kittredge Cherry said...

People are continuing to attack this Gay Holy Week series at There are now 67 comments.

I was feeling discouraged by reading so many comment from people who called me and my work “ignorant… have pity of her,” “asinine,” “a tragedy and a recrucifixion of our precious Lord and Savior,” “absurd,” “abomination to God,” “offended,” “outrageous,” “I can't imagine anything more far fetched, and disrespectful,” “warped,” “sacrilege” “abhorrent,” “rubbish,” “ridiculous,” “the doing of unresponsible and low self esteem,” “shame,” “totally sick and twisted. The devil's workshop,” “sick, gross and utterly disgusting,” “way beyond decency,” “just another very sad and sorry individual trying to make news,” and predicting that I “will be damned on Judgment Day.”

I went to Jesus in prayer, and he seemed to say to me, “You WANTED to walk my path…” On this Good Friday, I remember that he also faced hateful opposition from religious people, and paid the ultimate price. This is the way of the Cross, the way of Christ.

It also helps a lot to hear from supporters who have left positive comments and sent me emails. God bless you.

Kittredge Cherry said...

Another debate is underway now at this one among GLBT folks, and more broadly focused on the concept of a gay Jesus. 180 comments so far! See it here:

Michael said...

I tried to leave a comment but it seems to have gotten lost through the unwieldy log-in/registration procedure.

Keep up the good work and as you know I've linked to the series from my blog