Monday, December 21, 2009

Video: Gay and lesbian manger scenes show love makes a family

What if the child of God was born to a lesbian couple… or a gay couple? Because, after all, LOVE makes a family. Including the Holy Family.

I made a video of my new gay and lesbian nativity scenes. One has two Marys at the manger with the baby Jesus, and the other has two Josephs with the Christ child.

I put Mary with Mary and Joseph with Joseph -- like putting two brides or two grooms on top of a wedding cake!

It’s only 26 seconds long, and I believe it follows the spirit of the Christmas story. For more info on why I did it, see my previous post, “Gay and lesbian nativity scenes show love makes a family.”

Update on Nov. 26, 2010: The gay and lesbian Nativity scene is available now as a Christmas card at the Jesus in Love Store.

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Turtle Woman said...

So god the mother appeared to Mary, and the angel then created the son of god through the miracle of the lesbian mothers, both divine and human! What a lovely antidote to patriarchal christmas this year! Thanks!!