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New in July: LGBTQ Christian books “Transgender, Intersex and Biblical Interpretation,” “Religious Freedom and Gay Rights,” “Holy Women Icons” and “Is It a Boy, a Girl, or Both?”

LGBTQ Bible interpretation, icons, religious freedom and a children's book on the gender diversity of animals are presented in new books this month.

The books include “Transgender, Intersex and Biblical Interpretation” by Teresa Hornsby and Deryn Guest, “Holy Women Icons Contemplative Coloring Book” by Angela Yarber, and “Is It a Boy, a Girl, or Both?” by Megan Rohrer. “Religious Freedom and Gay Rights: Emerging Conflicts in North America and Europe” is edted by Jack Friedman, Timothy Shah and Thomas Farr.

Transgender, Intersex and Biblical Interpretationby Teresa Hornsby and Deryn Guest.

Biblical affirmation for LGBTQI people is presented by two well-known Bible scholars. They show that in the Bible, gender identity and sexual orientation are always dynamic categories that do, and must, transition. The book examines familiar (e.g., Gen 1; Revelation) and less familiar (2 Sam 6; Jer 38) scriptures to reveal the bias that makes heterosexuality and a binary two-gender system seem divinely ordained. They critique how biblical texts are used in Christian positional statements on transsexuality and provide statistic on violence against trans persons. Teresa Hornsby is religious studies professor at Drury University, Springfield, Missouri. Deryn Guest is lecturer in Biblical hermeneutics at the University of Birmingham, England. Published by SBL Press (Society of Biblical Literature, founded 1880). More info

Religious Freedom and Gay Rights: Emerging Conflicts in North America and Europe” by Jack Friedman, Timothy Shah and Thomas Farr (editors).

Diverse international voices examine the tension between religious freedom and LGBT rights in this collection. They analyze current controversies such as marriage equality and forecast how expanding LGBT rights will impact freedom of religion. Most of the authors are law professors, although the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow also contributes a chapter. The primary focus is on Christianity. Published by Oxford University Press. More info

Holy Women Icons Contemplative Coloring Bookby Angela Yarber.

Lively line drawings include LGBTQ Christian favorites in the new “Holy Women Icons Contemplative Coloring Book” by Angela Yarber. Color your way toward calmness with same-sex paired saints Perpetua and Felicity, civil rights activist / queer priest Pauli Murray, radical lesbian philosopher Mary Daly, and the Shulamite who danced for another woman in the Song of Songs, and dozens more. Even Sappho is portrayed -- along with various incarnations of the Virgin Mary and a wide range of other historical, Biblical, literary and mythological women and goddesses from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Adult coloring books are a hot trend for relieving stress now, but children enjoy them too. The author is a minister and professional artist who has written seven books on gender/sexuality, religion and the arts. The coloring book is based on the folk feminist icons in her 2104 book “Holy Women Icons.” A brief description of each holy woman, along with a small image of her painting, is found at the back of the coloring book. Published by Parson’s Porch. More info

Is It a Boy, a Girl, or Both?by Megan Rohrer.

Animals have amazing gender diversity created by God and revealed in this new children’s book.
It opens with the line, “How do I know who is a boy and who is a girl? God created diverse people and animals.” The rest is a fun safari through the different gender expressions in creation, including pictures of birds, bunnies, koalas, penguins, sea horses, hyenas, chimps, deer, banana slugs, fish and of course people. It ends with an affirmation: “God will love you no matter what. And so will I.” Geared for kids age 8 and up, it is one of the most popular books in the Good News Childrens’ Books series. The author is pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in San Francisco and the first openly transgender pastor ordained in the Lutheran Church. Published by Wilgefortis Press. For more info and a sample page, see First-ever LGBT religious children's books published. More info

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