Tuesday, December 16, 2014

See videos about gay Passion of Christ book

Watch two short videos about “The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision” -- the official book trailer and the unauthorized video from someone who calls himself “Adam and Eve, Not Steve.”

The official three-minute video (above) includes an interview with author Kittredge Cherry, a sacred-music soundtrack, and close-ups of Doug Blanchard’s paintings showing Jesus as a gay man of today.

The unauthorized video (below) is done in a fairly objective news-report style, even if the narrator’s voice does sound like a robot.

There’s still time to get the book before Christmas. Order by Friday, Dec. 19 for free shipping to most places.

Buy now from Amazon.com (USA)

Buy now from Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom)

Thanks to Andrew Craig Williams and Audrey Lockwood for putting together the splendid official book trailer.

For more info on the book, visit:
* Book website: passionofchristbook.com

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