Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jesus in Love Blog moved to

The Jesus in Love Blog has moved to, a new website on queer spirituality with LGBTQ saints, history and books.

Please visit and save the link to keep up with future posts from the Jesus in Love Blog.

People who currently get posts by email will need to sign up again to continue their email subscription.  There is no need to update subscriptions to the monthly newsletter.

The new website will make the Jesus in Love blog much more accessible to people through mobile devices, social media and search engines. Q Spirit has a new Facebook page at

The Q Spirit project comes from lesbian Christian author Kittredge Cherry, who founded in 2005 and launched Q Spirit in November 2016.

The Jesus in Love Blog expands the meaning of holiness by presenting diverse historical people, events and books of spiritual and religious significance to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people of faith and allies. It promotes LGBTQ spirituality and religious freedom by teaching love for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Q Spirit means queer spirituality. It also stands for questioning spiritual traditions,” she said. “The name Q Spirit is a more accurate reflection of the content on my blog, which has grown beyond my initial focus on just Jesus to include many LGBTQ spiritual figures and other religious traditions. Don’t worry, my website will continue to emphasize LGBTQ visions of Christ. Q Spirit provides extra room to grow.”

The Q in LGBTQ can mean “queer” or refer to people who are “questioning” their gender identity or sexual orientation.

“The Q Spirit website is about questioning spiritual and religious assumptions,” Cherry explained. “It questions standard Bible interpretations and conventional history. I bring a spirit of questioning authority and checking facts to my website. Q Spirit is on a quest for spirituality beyond all boundaries.”

The Q Spirit logo symbolizes the universal Spirit expressed in a unique way through queer experience. Cherry worked with queer Welsh artist Andrew Craig Murphy-Williams to design the logo. The rainbow colors of the contemporary LGBTQ flag create a colorful “Q” with a long tail that cradles and uplifts the Spirit. Basic black text conveys the fundamental, all-inclusive quality of the Spirit.

Cherry is passionately committed to Jesus in Love and Q Spirit because they grew out of her own personal journey as an author, minister and historian. She considers her work at Jesus in Love and Q Spirit to be a calling that she aims to pursue with grace even in the face of bigotry.

“I will keep faith with my responsibilities as a writer who seeks to know and reveal the all-inclusive nature of God,” she said.

Cherry has earned the trust of thousands of readers. At this time of transition, she reaffirms that she will continue bringing them cutting-edge LGBTQ spiritual articles. “I promise to keep doing what I believe in: presenting LGBTQ spirituality so that people can make up their own minds." was launched almost exactly 11 years ago on Nov. 17, 2005 with a news release titled “New website dares to show gay Jesus.” The very first blog post here at was “Introduction” on June 26, 2007. Nine years later, the Jesus in Love Blog must change with the times and adopt a better blogging platform.

Q Spirit will become an online home for past and future articles from the Jesus in Love Blog and Newsletter. Readers call it inspiring, informative, courageous, “truly a light in the darkness for gay Christians” and “always fabulous."

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I.D Olayiwola said...

Okay...I'm following. I will, also, bookmark the new link to follow up your comment. Taking the word to the people who are not publicly accepted as Christian is good as long as you don't add or remove from th word to suit their interest.