Friday, November 25, 2011

LGBT Nativity scene contest: Send your images!

Create a LGBT Nativity scene and send a photo to the Jesus in Love Blog! Your images will be posted here in December.

Let’s reimagine the Holy Family in liberating new ways. Because, after all, love makes a family.

Please email images to in jpeg format by Dec. 15.  Everyone can be a winner. Your queer Nativity scenes will be posted with your name or nickname and a link to your website.

Have fun mixing and matching the figures. Explore all the possibilities: Was there a gay couple among the shepherds? Maybe the three kings were drag kings? What if Jesus’ parents were a same-sex couple? Did Jesus have two mommies or two daddies? Ethnic, multiracial and non-white versions are especially encouraged. You may use any medium, including photos, drawings, paintings and computer graphics.

Your creations can empower people who have been excluded by church tradition, free viewers to experience the divine in new ways, and lead to a more just and loving world.

This is not necessarily about historical accuracy, but LGBT manger scenes they are true to the spirit of the Christmas story in the Bible: God’s child conceived in an extraordinary way and born into disreputable circumstances. Everyone should be able to see themselves in the Christmas story, including queer people and their families.

All submissions must respect the spirit of Christmas. The Jesus in Love Blog reserves the right to reject images that are unsuitable. Each entry must be the original work of the person submitting it. Submission of an image grants non-exclusive rights for it to be reproduced on the Jesus in Love Blog and related projects.

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Lesbian and gay Nativity scenes pictured here all come from the “Love Makes a Holy Family” series by Kittredge Cherry. They are available as Christmas cards at the Jesus in Love Store

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Andrew Craig Williams said...

Awesome! I'll get my thinking cap on. Andy x

Kittredge Cherry said...

Thanks, Andy! I'm already planning to post some of your photos later in December. It would be great if you did a new (perhaps non-white?) version.