Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving tribute to straight allies

A “No on Prop 8” yard sign quotes Jesus: “Love thy neighbor”
[Editor’s note: The following Thanksgiving reflection was originally written by a lesbian as a thank-you letter to her neighborhood association in California after the Nov. 4 election. The author wishes to remain anonymous.] Thank you to all our straight neighbors, allies and friends who put up yard signs, made phone calls and supported the huge lesbian and gay civil rights movement to make marriage for our people legal in the State of California. I loved those NO ON 8 SIGNS!! I know not everyone here supports gay or lesbian marriage, but speaking as a person who has been with my partner for 33 years, it is a real issue for real people. I remember the days when there were no straight people at any of our events, and certainly for decades straight people wanted nothing to do with us. Now something amazing has changed, and I feel proud of our little neighborhood where people literally put signs in the yards that I felt personally supported me. I smile every time I drive by all your houses now because I remember where all the signs were. And some are still up long after the election. In time, even the most hardened bigots will do what all social change activists advocate -- get to know the people you think are bad PERSONALLY. Come on over for coffee, and don't listen to the lies of people who call themselves Christians, but seemingly have so little knowledge of how Jesus really lived his life. Thanks again! And be sure to look on the Internet for the protests we're having all over the city. Civil rights takes generations sometimes, and real social change doesn't occur over night, but we sure made a good showing. I would say that we in our neighborhood have become a shining city on a hill -- just like the Pilgrims envisioned as they sailed over on the Mayflower (Thanksgiving is coming soon :-). Happy Thanksgiving!
Another real-life yard sign from a California neighborhood
November sunlight shines on more election signs of the times

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