Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jesus tells Christmas story to animals in novel

Peaceable Kingdom by Edward Hicks
Jesus discusses the Christmas story with animals in the following scene from “Jesus in Love” by Kittredge Cherry. Jesus is so in tune with nature that he can converse with animals in the novel. While the book is known for exploring Jesus’ bisexual feelings, many readers say that this is one of their favorite scenes. It takes place during his wilderness fast.
The cave was filled with animals and angels. The angels were like snatches of melody or wisps of light, singing a prophecy from Isaiah that I had loved since childhood. As they sang, Isaiah’s vision materialized right before my eyes and I was part of it: “The wolf shall live with the lamb. The leopard and the young goat shall lie down together while the lion cub makes friends with the calf, with a little child to guide them. The baby shall play near the cobra’s hole. Nobody will be hurt or injured on my holy mountain, for the earth will be flooded with the knowledge of God as water fills the sea.”… The scene reminded me of a story that Mom and Papa-Joe told me about my birth, so I tried to share it with the animals. “I was born in a stable, a place kind f like this cave,” I began. It was tricky translating my thoughts into the vibrations of so many different species at once. Some understood more than others. “Animals were with me when I was born. There were some like you...and you...and you.” I pointed at the sheep, the goats, the donkeys, and the oxen. “After I was born, I slept in a manger, a place where animals ate their food.” “Food!” Everyone was interested in this part of my story. We talked about food for a long time, until the sun began to set. “You are like food. You make me feel good,” Old Snake said to me, and the others sounded their agreement.


C.W.S. said...

You might remember this:

Kittredge Cherry said...

What lovely lyrics! Thank you for introducing me to this amazing hymn from the 12th century. It seems we often have to go back in time to find paintings and music that celebrate Jesus' connection to animals.