Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LGBT Christians to Pope: Stop homophobia! (plus photos of EuroPride & John McNeill)

LGBT Christians, including gay priest John McNeill, presented a letter to the Pope asking him to end homophobia, then marched with thousands through Rome the next day in the big EuroPride parade.

“We ask Your Holiness to condemn violence against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals and to ensure that criminal punishment for sexual relations between people of the same sex are lifted around the world,” the letter begins. Silence from the Vatican, the letter says, “could be interpreted as approval of the violence.” Click here for the whole letter.

The letter to Pope Benedict XVI is signed by co-presidents of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups on behalf of the 44 member groups from 23 countries in Europe. It was presented on June 10.

I honor these brave people for taking their call for justice to the very top the church hierarchy. Let’s celebrate with them by enjoying these photos of EuroPride.

Photos are © 2011 by Bill Wilson of, unless noted otherwise. Visit his website,, for lots more photos of EuroPride. The Jesus in Love Blog warmly thanks Bill for generously agreeing to be our eyes in Rome!
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These heroes presented the letter asking the Pope to end homophobia! John McNeill is seated in the front. Photo by European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups.

The gate to Rome was lit with a rainbow for EuroPride.

John McNeill, seated, shares a EuroPride smile with film director Brendan Fay and clergywoman in rainbow stole: Rev. Hilde Raastad, Norway's first openly lesbian pastor, from Norwegian Lutheran Church in Oslo, Norway.

LGBT EuroPride crowd marches past the Coliseum in Rome. In 2000 the World Pride March was not allowed to circle the Coliseum, but this time they were! Photographer Bill Wilson reports, “It was a meaningful sight to walk down the Via Dei Fori Imperiali past the ancient Roman ruins.”

Italian lesbians! I mean Lesbiche! (Trasversali was not in my Italian-English dictionary. Maybe it means transgender?)

This EuroPride man puts the “glad” in gladiator, as in “Glad to see you,” notes photographer Bill Wilson.

John McNeill at EuroPride Rome with the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups.

Any excuse to wear a top hat!

EuroPride guys, we honor the love between men!

EuroPride brides, we celebrate the love between women!


Trudie said...

Thank you for providing the full text of the letter presented to the Vatican. Very important indeed!

Bill Wilson said...

and I thank you for your support and encouragement. It has been an amazing visit to Rome.

Kittredge Cherry said...

You're welcome! Bill, thanks again for sending photos from Rome. I've heard from John McNeill that he has arrived home safely in Florida.