Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter from Jesus In Love and Kittredge Cherry!

“Celtic Cross with Rainbow” by Andrew Craig Williams

Happy Easter! Christ is risen!  Rejoice!

A rainbow, symbol of the LGBTQ community, shines behind a Celtic cross of interlaced knots in this year’s Easter image.

May you be wrapped in God's infinite love as the never-ending paths of spirit and flesh weave together in your life!

The braided “never-ending path” of decorative Celtic design can represent the crossing of spiritual and physical paths in life. The ring that surrounds the intersection of the Celtic cross is said to symbolize God’s infinite love, Christ’s halo or the sun.

This glorious Easter image was created for Jesus in Love by Andrew Craig Williams, a queer artist, writer and music maker based in Wales. His Easter artwork has become a tradition at Jesus in Love, with previous images in 2012 and 2013. The title of his this year’s picture in Welsh is “Croes Geltaidd gyda Enfys.”

For the true meaning of Easter, check out The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision with art by Douglas Blanchard and expanded commentary by Kittredge Cherry.

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Thank you to everyone for the many ways you show support.  Christ is risen indeed!  Happy Easter!

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