Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gay marriage is nothing new for me

I found a gem when reviewing old files -- a 20-year-old L.A. Times article about me and my partner titled “Marriage Between Homosexuals is Nothing New for Some in S.F.”

Wow, same-sex marriage wasn’t even new to us way back in 1989. It sure seems like it should be accepted and legally recognized by now!

The article by Jennifer McNulty of Associated Press ran in the Los Angeles Times on March 26, 1989. It describes our 1987 Holy Union ceremony as a lesbian couple at Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco.

I still agree with what I said in the article: “I don’t think we need the state to tell us our marriage is real.”

Update:  The article is available online now at the Los Angeles Times archives:

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Trudie said...

What a delightful "find" in your files! I need to go back through some of my own "archives", but somehow never seem to accomplish it.

Graham said...

A first gay marriage in the UK was between myself and my then partner ( an Anglican priest ) - openly in a London church, and performed by another Anglican priest. I have no doubt there were other such - not so open - ceremonies long before that event.

In 1993 I presided over a gay marriage in a gay bar in London's West End - the event was covered by sky news. Very sadly, one of the wonderful couple who tied the knot that day has since died of an Aids related illness.
I am so appreciating your site. God Bless you and your work and ministry. With love in the Lord.