Monday, May 11, 2009

Firsthand reports: Pro-GLBT clergy in Washingon

Rev. Neil Thomas, pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles, sends this report from Clergy Call for Justice and Equality, held last week:
“I have spent much of this week in Washington, DC. I was one of 300 clergy of various faiths and denominations who had gathered to speak with our Congress and State legislators about LGBT equality. So often our legislators hear from Christians who do not represent a more progressive faith message and it was refreshing for them to hear from people of faith who advocate for LGBT inclusion. I have done this before and I have to say that the feeling on Capitol Hill this time was far more optimistic and hopeful that on previous occasions. I left with a feeling that for once our words were heard and real change is happening.”
For another first-person report on Clergy Call 2009, visit the Rev. Cyn blog of Rev. Cynthia Landrum, a Unitarian Universalist pastor in Michigan: Thanks, Neil, Cyn and everyone else who went to Washington for GLBT justice!

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