Tuesday, March 01, 2011

In memory of Peter Gomes, gay Harvard pastor and author

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Peter Gomes: Gay black Harvard minister preached "scandalous gospel"
In memory of
Peter Gomes
Harvard minister, gay African American, LGBT rights advocate
Died Feb. 28, 2011

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I light a memorial candle for Peter Gomes, a Harvard minister and African American gay man who came out in 1991, becoming a prominent voice supporting religious rights of LGBT people. He died Feb. 28 at age 68.

(Update: click here for my expanded reflection about Gomes on the first anniversary of his death.)

In his 1996 best-seller, “The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart,” he showed how the Bible was misused to defend homophobia, racism, anti-Semitism and sexism.

Click the following links for more about Peter Gomes:

His full obituary in the New York Times:

Peter Gomes video Would Jesus Support Gay Marriage? (also posted below)

May we honor Peter Gomes by living our lives with the same courage, scholarship and tolerance that are his lasting legacy.
Books by Peter Gomes include:

The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart
The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus: What's So Good About the Good News?
Sermons: Biblical Wisdom For Daily Living

The Good Life: Truths that Last in Times of Need

Strength for the Journey: Biblical Wisdom for Daily Living

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Sage said...

Thank you Dear One!

Trudie said...

Peter Gomes was a cherished friend that Ray and I have known since our days teaching at Tuskegee Institute. Rev. Michael Piazza posted the news of his death on Facebook yesterday, so we already knew about it, but thank you so very much for sharing this lovely memorial and the link to the obit.

Turtle Woman said...

Trudie, would love to hear more about Peter Gomes, and your personal memories of him! He was always a favorite :-)

Kittredge Cherry said...

You're welcome, Sage!

I second Turtle Woman's request to Trudie: I'd love to hear more of your personal memories of the wonderful Peter Gomes. I knew him only through his books and TV appearances.

Trudie said...

Kitt and Turtle Woman, I'll try to get Ray to share a brief memoir. When we were in Tuskegee from 1966 - 1978, and subsequently after we came to Atlanta after 4 years on the Navajo Reservation in AZ, Ray made it a point to get to any venue he could reach where Peter was speaking, and also to acquire his books. If I get such a reflection, I'll forward it to Jesus in Love.

Kittredge Cherry said...

I just added a great video of Peter Gomes answering the question "Would Jesus Support Gay Marriage?"

Trudie, I look forward to the possibility of Ray's reflection on Peter Gomes.

Trudie said...

Love the video clip. Ray has something he has written about Peter. The issue is now going to be to get it in a format to share. We're working on it.