Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HuffPost runs our Rainbow Christ Prayer

Detail from “Christ and the Two Marys” by William Holman Hunt (Wikimedia Commons)

Huffington Post just published the new Rainbow Christ Prayer that I co-wrote with gay theologian Patrick Cheng. See it now at this link:


(Update on July 7, 2012: The backlash came when Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, a conservative Christian hate group posted an attack titled Blasphemy 101: ‘Lesbian Christian’ Kittredge Cherry Offers ‘Rainbow Christ Prayer.’ Click here for more info.)

The prayer matches the colors of the rainbow flag with models of the queer Christ and spiritual principles expressed in LGBT history culture. It grows out of the seven models of the queer Christ from Patrick’s new book From Sin to Amazing Grace: Discovering the Queer Christ.

In the article that goes with the prayer, I also discuss the history of the rainbow flag as a symbol of LGBT pride. Our Rainbow Christ Prayer is generating discussion on Facebook about the need to expand beyond the name LGBT to include the full spectrum of human diversity.

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