Saturday, February 07, 2015

New LGBTQ Christian books - February 2015

New LGBTQ Christian books are coming out as the new year begins. Both books this month are in the "LGBT people in church" category.

LGBT people in the church

Beyond Heterosexism in the Pulpit” by Emily Askew and O. Wesley Allen Jr.
The book aims at ministers looking for better strategies to speak from the pulpit in favor of LGBT rights while respecting congregants who disagree. The authors are both professors at Lexington Theological Seminary. Their approach combines critical theology and contemporary homiletics.

LGBT In The Name of God: The Black Church's Response to the LGBT Community” by Christopher James Priest. 
Pointed, witty essays aim at building honest dialogue in African American churches about LGBT issues. The author is a Baptist pastor with 50 years’ service in the black church – but he is best known as the first African American writer in the comic-book industry. Topics include same-sex marriage, the black church’s unwritten “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, and the roots of homophobia in traditional church doctrine. It includes a foreword by Benjamin L. Reynolds, former director of the LGBTQ Religious Studies Center at Chicago Theological Seminary.

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