Saturday, August 22, 2015

Divine love turns Obama and Putin into gay saints in new art by Jim Lyngvild

“Divine Love” by Jim Lyngvild

Presidents Obama and Putin are shown as gay saints in “Divine Love,” part of a controversial Danish art exhibit that opens Aug. 29.

Danish artist Jim Lyngvild portrays Russian president Vladimir Putin and U.S. president Barack Obama as a gay couple in a variety of settings with “Icons” exhibition, which is getting international attention.

Lyngvild told the Jesus in Love Blog that the “Divine Love” image is based upon “the old saintly motifs,” but not on any particular painting from history. Haloes shine around both men’s heads as Obama cradles Putin in a Pieta-like pose.

In media interviews, the artist said he depicted the opposing leaders in love as a way to reflect his own sexuality and challenge viewers to understand the power of love.

In other Lyngvild images the two presidents express their love for each other by riding a lavender horse together and sharing a caress at an outdoor tea party for two.

Originally scheduled for January 2015, the “Icons” exhibit is set to run from Aug. 29 through Oct. 4 at the Flintholm Gallery in the town of Vester Skerninge in central Denmark.


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This post is part of the Artists series by Kittredge Cherry at the Jesus in Love Blog. The series profiles artists who use lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and queer spiritual and religious imagery. It also highlights great queer artists from history, with an emphasis on their spiritual lives.

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