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New LGBTQ Christian books: August 2015

New books present intersex theology, the campy queer side of Bible movies, and a homoerotic spiritual vision.


Intersex, Theology, and the Bible: Troubling Bodies in Church, Text, and Society” by Susannah Cornwall (editor).

Intersex people have been considered troubling because they are not easily classified as male or female, challenging the binary sex system of Western societies. Here scholars suggest that intersex people provide positive value by challenging dubious assumptions in religion and society. Writers consider intersex conditions from a range of perspectives, including constructive and pastoral theologies, biblical studies of eunuchs, and sociology of religion. The book features essays by Megan Shannon DeFranza, Joseph A. Marchal, Nathan Carlin and more. Cornwall is an advanced research fellow in theology and religion at the University of Exeter.

Art and culture

Hollywood Biblical Epics: Camp Spectacle and Queer Style from the Silent Era to the Modern Day” by Richard A. Lindsay.

Bible-themed movies are explored from an LGBT perspective by a communication professor from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. He addresses censorship in Hollywood, analyzes the films for gay characters and situations and much more as he asks, “If biblical epics are supposed to be adaptations of the Bible, why are they so campy and queer?”

HomoEros: Meditations on Gay Love and Longing” by John Waiblinger and Chad Mitchell.

A collaboration between a poet and a digital artist, “HomoEros” sexualizes the sacred and elevates eroticism to the realm of the divine. The most direct Christian symbolism is expressed by Mitchell, whose poetry in “HomoEros” celebrates Christ the Bridegroom, the Sacred Heart, and the Son of Man, sometimes using phrases from the Roman Catholic Mass. Waiblinger’s artistic process transforms images gay porn through cropping and layering with nature photos. The juxtaposition of extremes results in an effective effort to reconcile gay sexuality and spirituality.

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