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New LGBTQ Christian books: Oct. 2015: "Courage to be Queer" and "My Exodus"

Queer theology and a former ex-gay leader’s story are new LGBT Christian books this month: “The Courage to Be Queer” by Jeff Hood and “My Exodus” by Alan Chambers.


The Courage to be Queerby Jeff Hood.

A theology of God the Queer who speaks to everyone through the queerness of each individual context is revealed by a queer pastor/theologian/activist. He shakes the demons out of the Bible and leaves only love, making advanced queer theological concepts accessible with sound Biblical references. Ordained in the Southern Baptist Convention, he recently concluded a doctorate in queer theology at Texas Christian University. Published by Wipf & Stock with 39 endorsements!

Memoir and biography

My Exodus: From Fear to Graceby Alan Chambers.

Author Alan Chambers, the final president of huge ex-gay group Exodus International, shocked the world when he repudiated its mission and closed the organization with a public apology to the LGBT community in 2013. Still a committed believer in Christ, he now seeks to create welcoming communities. Here he tells his powerful personal life story and faith journey of same-sex attraction and deepening understanding of God. Full review at Impact Magazine.

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