Wednesday, February 03, 2016

New LGBTQ Christian books for Feb 2016: “Brother-Making in Late Antiquity" and “Two Pews from Crazy”

New LGBTQ Christian books this month range from ancient brother-making rites to the challenges faced by a lesbian pastor today.

They are “Brother-Making in Late Antiquity and Byzantium: Monks, Laymen, and Christian Ritual” by Claudia Rapp and “Two Pews from Crazy” by Cyd Andrews-Looper.


Brother-Making in Late Antiquity and Byzantium: Monks, Laymen, and Christian Ritual” by Claudia Rapp

A scholarly book examines a medieval ritual that has been seen as an ancient same-sex wedding. Gay historian John Boswell said that adelphopoiesis was a church rite for blessing same-sex unions in pre-modern Europe. This comprehensive study presents evidence on how the brother-making rite is different from marriage. For example, it offers more equality than heterosexual marriage. The author says the rite was “not created for the purpose of sanctioning and sanctifying homosexual relationships… although… this evaluation of the historical evidence does in no way undermine the legitimacy of seeking recognition for same-sex partnerships in current societies.” She is professor of Byzantine studies at the University of Vienna in Austria. From Oxford University Press.

Memoir and biography

Two Pews from Crazy: My Insane Journey from Christian Fundamentalism to a Faith of Love Alone--LGBTQ Minister” by Cyd Andrews-Looper.

A lesbian pastor raised Baptist and ordained by the United Church of Christ tells the ups and downs of her journey, including adopting a child, losing three different partners, the pain of church politics and the power of God in her life. Short, easy-to-read chapters show her sense of humor. Endorsed by Soulforce founder Mel White. Published by Get Success Inc. (print) and Ronin Robot Press (Kindle).

Up for discussion

An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures” by Ann Cvetkovich.

American Academy of Religion groups on Queer Studies in Religion and Sacred Text, Theory and Theological Construction invite papers that find theological or biblical applications for the ideas in Ann Cvetkovich’s two books “An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures” and “Depression: A Public Feeling.” Click to read the Call for Papers.

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Kuudere-Kun said...

You know what the world of LGBT Christians books needs, some fiction.

Fiction is important, and while Christian is often in the mainstream plenty of Christian writers have expressed their faith in fiction other Christians have enjoyed.

The role of sympathetic fictional portrayals of LGBT people has played a vital role in how the Secular world has become more accepting of them. And Jesus made people rethink how they felt about Samaritans by telling a parable.

My ultimate goal is to write a YA Lesbian Romance novel.

Kittredge Cherry said...

I agree! Jared, I hope that you will write an LGBT Christian lesbian romance novel.

There are a few LGBT novels for young people, such as “The God Box” by Alex Sanchez, “Between These Walls: A Novel” by John Herrick, and “Inclination” by Mia Kerick.

We also need LGBT Christian children's books! I don't know of any that have been published, although I did hear of one being written about kids who go to welcoming progressive church with their gay / lesbian parents.