Thursday, September 03, 2009

Video: I’m a lesbian, and I believe in equality

I made a new video for the National Equality March supporting full equality for all LGBT Americans. The video is part of the “I Believe in Equality” campaign to prepare for the march on Oct. 10-11 in Washington, DC. Every Equality March video features somebody making a short statement for justice: “My name is ____ (your name), I am ____ (your sexual orientation or gender identity), I am from the __th Congressional District of ____ (your congressional district number and your state), and I believe in full equality for all straight and LGBT Americans.” I expected the videos to be similar because we all follow the same script. But the videos are surprisingly varied! In fact, I am one of the few who says, “I am a lesbian.” There are many variations beyond the “classic” categories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Some participants identify themselves as “genderqueer” or “pansexual transman” -- and I was also pleasantly surprised to see many straight allies in the videos. Click here to see a diverse group of “I Believe in Equality” videos. For the video, I fulfilled my long-time dream of creating a T-shirt with the logo. I’m wearing my new T-shirt in the video -- and you can get one, too. Click here for info on how to order a T-shirt. The shirt can be customized into a variety of sizes, styles and fabrics. The logo includes a pink triangle as the “V” in the word “love.” Gay prisoners wore pink triangles in Nazi concentration camps. Following Christ’s example, joins queer people in transforming suffering into power. Are you going to attend the National Equality March? If so, please contact me so we can post your reports, photos and videos here at the Jesus in Love Blog.

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Tyger said...

I loved this article, and the T-shirt!

It's nice to know that "lesbian" is still considered one of the classics!