Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Queer spiritual art needed now

Art about queer spirituality and activism is needed by May 24 for Tikkun, a national magazine on progressive politics and spirituality.

The Jesus in Love Blog strives to support artists in creating spiritual images that affirm LGBT people. So I am posting Tikkun’s “urgent call for art” in whole below.

I can personally vouch for Tikkun because they recently published my article “Take Back Jesus: The Queer Christ Arises for the Good of All.”

Tikkun Magazine’s July/August issue will have a special section on LGBTQ spirituality, politics, and activism.

Please help us find good photos and art to use as illustrations!

You can send all JPGs, links, and ideas to art.tikkun@gmail.com.

We are a nonprofit with a limited art budget and ask for artists’ most charitable rates.

Here's what we're looking for:

* Any kind of fine art that evokes something about spirituality and queerness. This is an INTERFAITH magazine, and we need art related to Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Goddess religions, and more.

* Photos or paintings of queer or genderqueer or trans or same-gender-loving folks in the context of traditional religious spaces that they grew up in or are now part of (maybe holding hands or kissing outside or inside a synagogue, church, ashram, mosque, sangha, etc., or religious leaders with rainbow stoles or kippot or queer people engaging with religious texts or holding ritual objects)

* Photos or JPGs of paintings, prints or other sorts of fine art that evoke something about the socially transformative power of queer theory and LGBTQ political activism

* Photos of LGBTQ spiritual/religious events (i.e. people engaging in rituals or gatherings that have come out of different sorts of queer and trans theologies)

* Photos or paintings/drawings/prints of activists doing exciting work grounded in some mixture of queer politics, anti-racist commitments, and ideas of the intersectionality of oppressions.

Please pass along this call to your networks. All materials and questions should go to art.tikkun@gmail.com.

We need to receive art submissions ASAP -- by Monday, May 24, ideally.

That’s the end of the official announcement. If you do plan to submit your art, please leave a comment here to let me know that this post was useful.

You might enjoy visiting Tikkun’s online art gallery.

(Image credit: Brush and watercolors by Jennifer R., Wikimedia Commons)

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Trudie said...

Hi, Kitt -- thanks for the heads up. I've cc'd you the e-mail I sent to Tikkun. Blessings, Trudie

Kittredge Cherry said...

Go for it, Trudie! A total of four artists have told me they submitted their work to Tikkun as a result of my announcements. I'm delighted to help match these visionary artists with an audience hungry for queer spiritual images.

Anonymous said...

I sent images off just now today, Kitt. Thanks gain for suggesting this to me. I really appreciate your trust. I also sent you a copy of the e-mail I just sent to them with the images attached.
Take care, and thank you again.


Kittredge Cherry said...

Thanks, Peter! I’m delighted that you are participating. After reading your email, I have some ideas about sharing more of your work here at this blog. I’ll contact you privately about that.

Tikkun sent me an email today with thanks for posting their call for submissions. They said that submissions are “flowing in.”

I hope that all of you will let me know if Tikkun is going to use your work. I’m looking forward to this special issue.

Jason said...

Here are some pictures for your project

these are LGBT/faith related works of art



Kittredge Cherry said...

Jason, thanks for sharing your art! I passed your info on to the art editor at Tikkun.

I enjoyed your work at BeyondExGay.com. I will contact you privately about sharing your paintings here at the Jesus in Love Blog, too.

I feel good that 7 artists have now submitted to Tikkun as a result of my announcement.

Kittredge Cherry said...

Good news! One artist contacted me to say that Tikkun has accepted his work for the queer spirituality issue. He heard about the opportunity through me and the Jesus in Love Blog.

I feel doubly blessed to be the "matchmaker" between LGBT-affirming spiritual artists and their audience.