Saturday, February 25, 2012

“Jesus in Love” novels are now e-books too

My “Jesus in Love” novels are available as e-books on Kindle starting this month -- just in time for Lent.

The two novels present a fictional autobiography of a queer Christ. They can still be purchased in paperback format too.

Jesus in Love” covers Christ’s early ministry while “At the Cross,” the sequel, explores the dramatic events of his Last Supper, arrest, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection. Many people have enjoyed reading “At the Cross” during Lent, the season of reflection leading up to Easter.

“What a delicious treat on the first Sunday of Lent. I have been yearning to feel closer to Jesus, and this book has been a great help,” says says Dennis O’Neill, Catholic priest and author of Passionate Holiness: Marginalized Christian Devotions for Distinctive People.

In both of my novels Jesus, the narrator, blends male and female as he does humanity and divinity. The gender-blind, gender-bending Jesus falls in love with people of both sexes -- and with the Holy Spirit -- in these lyrical novels of spiritual and sexual awakening. He has today’s queer sensibilities and psychological sophistication as he lives out the Christian story in first-century Palestine. He transcends gender identity, sexual orientation, and ultimately death itself.

I don’t have my own Kindle ebook reader yet, so I can’t check them out myself. I would love to hear from others about how my books look in ebook format. Let me know if you find any glitches and I will ask my publisher to correct them. Please review the book for too.

The price for Kindles recently dropped as low as $79, so I added the Kindle to my wish list.

Excerpts from “At the Cross” by Kittredge Cherry are available online in a Holy Week series.  The Jesus in Love Blog is offered on Kindle too.
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