Sunday, December 06, 2015

Gay Christ appears in Brazilian photo

Gay Jesus with Júnio de Carvalho of Brazil

A sign saying “gay” hangs on the forehead of a crucified Christ figure in a photo from the Brazilian performance group Transeuntes.

“The photo was part of an experience for a new play at a theater about God. My search is about God and sexuality,” Júnio de Carvalho told the Jesus in Love Blog. He is the Brazilian actor and dancer who appears in the photo.

His body is covered with anti-gay slurs and other sex-related labels in Portuguese.  The contemporary cross reflects the conflict between erotic pleasure and Christian guilt over homosexuality.

“The photo was taken in a bathroom, because for me it is an intimate space,” Carvalho explained.

The group Transeuntes was created in 2012 out of the need for artists to understand and enact performances on the streets. Their name in Portuguese means “Passersby.”

Transeuntes is a partnership between teachers Ines Linke and Marcelo Rocco and theater students at the Federal University of São João del Rei. The project includes theoretical studies and practical trials seeking to engage pedestrian spectators in the creative process on themes of current interest.

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