Sunday, December 01, 2013

We are the body of Christ and we have AIDS

A brick saying, “We are the body of Christ and we have AIDS” is on my desk every day-- right next to my First Amendment mug. But I decided to take a photo of it to share today for World AIDS Day.

It is a treasured gift from Lynn Jordan in memory of Rev. Ron Russell-Coons, an amazing MCC pastor and guardian angel who preached an unforgettable sermon with this title.

Every day is World AIDS Day for me and those who survived the ravages of the AIDS pandemic.

“We are the Church Alive, the Church with AIDS” is the name of the article that I wrote about it in 1988 for Christian Century with Jim Mitulski. It’s still online at:

A larger version of the brick was installed last year in the sidewalk at the church where we all ministered together during the AIDS crisis in the late 1980s: Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco.

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Anonymous said...

we are one blog closer to: "getting to zero" where this disease is concerned :)