Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Act now: Join the blasphemy debate on queer Nativity

Join the big blasphemy debate about my queer Nativity scenes at Believe Out Loud today! They say it is offensive, blasphemous, ridiculous, stupid, and “makes equality look bad,” even though they are a LGBT-affirming Christian group.

There are more than 130 comments and more are coming fast and furious. The first comments ran 25-to-1 against the queer Nativity scene, but a few voices are beginning to speak for it. The hot debate is on the Believe Out Loud Facebook page at this link:


A couple of sample comments:

"I am gay and Christian and I find this highly offensive. We all know it was Joseph and Mary why would anyone think it would be okay to change that? Let's just wipe out all important historical figures to reflect what we want while we are at it."

In favor:
The whole point of the incarnation is that God becomes one of us and is like us. It seems appropriate, then, that we allow people to imagine a Nativity in which the holy family reflects our own families.... I don't condemn you for your imaging of the Nativity. Let us do like Jesus and allow all to come be fed."

A comment from Ernesto Borges Torres summed it all up: “This is a good thing overall. Even through the negative commentary, people are being compelled to think about God in new (for them) ways, even if doing so might make them uncomfortable and/or defensive. Such is the price of growing up.”

Believe Out Loud published my queer Nativity photos and essay today at this link:
Love Makes A Family: Queering The Nativity

Believe Out Loud is an online network empowering Christians to work for LGBT equality. Their Facebook page has 128,000 likes.

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