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Queer Nativity shows love makes a family

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Queer Nativity scenes show love makes a family

Gay and lesbian Nativity scenes are on Christmas cards at the Jesus in Love Store (Photos by Kittredge Cherry)

Lesbian Nativity with Dog
Lesbian Nativity
Gay Nativity with Dog
What if the child of God was born to a lesbian or gay couple? Because, after all, LOVE makes a family, including the Holy Family.

If you're looking for a way to bring holiday cheer to your LGBTQ loved ones, try my Gay and Lesbian Nativity cards. They imagine that the child of God was born to a same-sex couple.

Right-wing religious bloggers attacked the cards, so you know that they must be good.

The cards are true to the spirit of Christmas: God’s child conceived in an extraordinary way. They show two Marys and two Josephs at the manger with the baby Jesus -- like putting two brides or two grooms on top of a wedding cake! Everyone should be able to see themselves in the Christmas story, including the growing number of LGBT parents and their children.

For more about how and why I made these the queer manger scenes, see my previous post “Gay and lesbian nativity scenes show love makes a family.” You can see them on video too.

My gay and lesbian Nativity Scenes are available as Christmas cards with five different images. Click to visit the card shop.

Update on Dec. 10, 2013
A big blasphemy debate about my queer Nativity scenes is underway at Believe Out Loud today! They say it is offensive, blasphemous, ridiculous, stupid, and “makes equality look bad,” even though they are a LGBT-affirming Christian group.

The hot debate is on the Believe Out Loud Facebook page at this link:


Believe Out Loud published my queer Nativity photos and essay today at this link:
Love Makes A Family: Queering The Nativity

Believe Out Loud is an online network empowering Christians to work for LGBT equality. Their Facebook page has 128,000 likes.

I hope to do other gay and lesbian Nativity scenes with racial diversity in the future. Until then, enjoy the images below from the Queer Nativity project that I sponsored.


Queer Nativity 1: Manger scene as gay adoption party

“Blaine and Patrick's Adoption Party 1” by Baub Alred

The image highlights the radical nature of Christ’s birth in two ways -- by presenting his parents as an inter-racial couple as well as a same-sex couple.


Queer Nativity 5: Matthew and Joseph are pregnant

“Matthew and Joseph are Pregnant” by Andrew Craig Williams

Christmas is about a miraculous pregnancy: a baby born to a virgin. If God can do that, then why not make a man pregnant? Andrew Craig Williams envisions a man carrying the Christ child in his womb.

LGBTQ Nativity 4: Queer Magi visit Mary, Josephine and Jesus

“Queer Nativity” by Anonymous

Three queer Magi bring gifts to Mary, Josephine and baby Jesus in a Nativity scene sculpted by an anonymous artist. Instead of the traditional three kings, these Magi are a drag king, a drag nun and a LGBTQ-rights activist.

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One and Doll said...

Love it! Love the images!


Kittredge Cherry said...

To One and Doll: Thank you for sharing your story about the wall-hanging from your childhood that seems to show two women caring for the baby Jesus. I would love to reprint this story and image on the Jesus in Love Blog if you are willing to share it with a wider audience. Please let me know if you are interested.

Meanwhile, I encourage others to follow the link to read her story, which begins:

“When I was a child this used to hang on our wall in the Christmas season. I grew up thinking that it was 2 women around a child, then I realized when I was like 18 that it is probably supposed to be Mary, Joseph and Jesus…”

Continued at

One and Doll said...

Sure. Share away!Thanks for the offer!

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Great! I will give you credit under the pseudonym “One and Doll” with a link to your blog -- unless you want to provide another name.

I don’t think we have met before, have we?

I’ll let you know when it is posted… sometime before Christmas.