Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter from Jesus In Love and Kittredge Cherry!

Queer Resurrection (Atgyfodiad Queer) by Andrew Craig Williams

Christ is risen!  Rejoice!

Easter is a promise that God renews every spring. May this holy day call you to new life and remind you that nothing can destroy your dreams.

A rainbow greets the risen Christ as he leaves his tomb in “Queer Resurrection” by Andrew Craig Williams. The title in Welsh is “Atgyfodiad Queer.” Williams is a queer artist, writer and music maker based in Wales who blogs at The Bible quote comes from John 11:25, when Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.”  He created the image this year specifically for Jesus in Love's Easter greeting.  Thanks, Andy!

Here is an Easter basket of other treats for you to enjoy. New this year:

Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision with art by Douglas Blanchard and new text by Kittredge Cherry.  Please comment!

Highlights from years past at the Jesus in Love Blog:

Rainbow cross lights the way for all

Holy Week series with excerpts from "Jesus in Love: At the Cross" by Kittredge Cherry

"Easter Day: Foreplay to Eternity prayer" by James Koenig

Kitt’s Easter message with wild mustard flowers

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William D. Lindsey said...

Kittredege, thank you for your moving series of meditations on the way of the cross. Have a wonderful Easter, and thanks for all that you offer us on your site.