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Queer Nativity 8: Jesus has two daddies

“Jesus has Two Daddies” (2011) by Andrew Craig Williams

Two happy fathers smile over their new son Jesus in photos by Andrew Craig Williams as the 2011 Queer Nativity series ends at the Jesus in Love Blog.

Seven people from three countries created more than a dozen images to reimagine the first Christmas in liberating, loving new ways that affirm LGBT people. I hope that you had as much fun looking at these pictures as we had creating them! Contributors came from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Some are artists while others created a kind of “folk art” out of the desire to decorate their homes with Nativities that express their faith as LGBT Christians.

Williams is an artist and writer based in Wales who blogs at Jesus really did have two daddies -- Joseph and the God whom he referred to as his “Father in heaven.” Williams provide a joyful, holy image of what gay fatherhood can look like. His gay Nativity scenes restore the childlike wonder of Christmas, a spirit that has been lost by many LGBT people due to discrimination by churches. Every child is the Christ child, including the queer children and the children of gay parents.

These photos grow out of Williams own love for toys. He actually creates toys and other objects as an artist, but in this case he bought a toy Nativity set. Here is how he described it on his blog: “After seeing some lovely pictures of gay and lesbian nativity scenes on Jesus in Love, I wanted my own. It took me two years to find a set I really loved, and finally I now have one. It’s a Fisher Price nativity set, with an extra Joseph ordered from America.”

Happily his gay Nativity set is now out on display in my home, Williams say, “as it will be for years to come.”

In addition to his brightly colored manger scene, Williams played with filters to make the pictures appear old, like photos from the 1950s or 60s. His purpose was “to show that a gay nativity is not new or shocking, just something that people have been celebrating for years.”

“Gay Nativity” (1950s-60s style) by Andrew Craig Williams

“Jesus has Two Daddies” (1950s-60s style) by Andrew Craig Williams

His old-style photos inspired me to dig out a 1962 photo of myself playing with a manger scene as a little girl. Now it’s included in the Queer Nativity series too.

A more adult-oriented queer Nativity by Williams can be seen in our previous post Matthew and Joseph are pregnant. Williams is a frequent contributor to the Jesus in Love Blog. His other work published here includes: "Queer Resurrection."

Click here to view the whole 2011 Queer Nativity series.

Click the following headlines to see other images in the Queer Nativity series:

Queer Nativity 1: Manger scene as gay adoption party

“Blaine and Patrick's Adoption Party 1” by Baub Alred

The image highlights the radical nature of Christ’s birth in two ways -- by presenting his parents as an inter-racial couple as well as a same-sex couple.


“Adam and Steve, the Gay Shepherd Couple” by Archbishop Mark Shirilau

Some of the shepherds in Bethlehem on the first Christmas must have felt same-sex attractions... An outdoor light-up Nativity scene.

Queer Nativity 3: No room at the manger for LGBT people

“Nativity Bouncer” by Jon Trouten

There was no room at the inn for the Holy Family, and there is no room in many churches today for LGBT people who want to get closer to Jesus.

LGBTQ Nativity 4: Queer Magi visit Mary, Josephine and Jesus

“Queer Nativity” by Anonymous

Three queer Magi bring gifts to Mary, Josephine and baby Jesus in a Nativity scene sculpted by an anonymous artist. Instead of the traditional three kings, these Magi are a drag king, a drag nun and a LGBTQ-rights activist.

Queer Nativity 5: Matthew and Joseph are pregnant

“Matthew and Joseph are Pregnant” by Andrew Craig Williams

Christmas is about a miraculous pregnancy: a baby born to a virgin. If God can do that, then why not make a man pregnant? Andrew Craig Williams envisions a man carrying the Christ child in his womb.

Queer Nativity 6: A lesbian look at the virgin birth

“We Were All Set to Go with the Artificial Insemination Option” by Madpriest and Kittredge Cherry

A humorous lesbian look at the virgin birth is presented in a fun picture of two Madonnas

Queer Nativity 7: 1962 photo of 4-year-old Kitt playing with manger scene

I dug out a 1962 photo of myself at age 4 playing around with a Nativity scene. I was a lesbian-to-be adding elephants, hippos, lions, frogs, skunks and other creatures to the manger scene. How queer!

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