Friday, March 15, 2013

Station 11: Crucifixion / therapy to “cure” homosexuality

Jesus is nailed to the cross as queer people are hooked to electrodes for a “cure” in Station 11 from “Stations of the Cross: The Struggle For LGBT Equality” by Mary Button, courtesy of Believe Out Loud


1992: The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality is founded. The organization opposes the mainstream medical view of homosexuality and aims to "make effective psychological therapy available to all homosexual men and women who seek change." Radical forms of reparative therapy involve electroshock treatment.

Mini-commentary by Kittredge Cherry:

As Jesus is nailed to the cross, queer people are hooked to electrodes for electroshock therapy meant to “cure” homosexuality. I find this one of the most powerful combinations of imagery in the whole LGBT Stations series. Electroshock and other ex-gay “conversion” or “reparative” treatments are part of the continuum of oppression by those who aim to purge society of sexual minorities. Jesus befriended sexual outcasts and taught love for all, and they killed him for it. Some of this last words were, “Forgive them, God, for they know not what they do.”

“Stations of the Cross: The Struggle for LGBT Equality” is a new set of 14 paintings that link the crucifixion of Jesus with the history of LGBT people.

Artist Mary Button painted the LGBT Stations series for Believe Out Loud, an online network empowering Christians to work for LGBT equality. They invite churches and faith groups to download and use the images for free.

The whole series will also be shown here at the Jesus in Love Blog this week. Click here for an overview of the LGBT Stations by Kittredge Cherry, lesbian Christian author and art historian.

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David K. Popham said...

I've have been intrigued by this series, and I have to tell you of all the images this one stoped me in my tracks. Profound and prophetic.